Process Apps Tab

Within the Process Apps Tab we can generate a list of Process Apps known to our server.  This is shown in the table.  To generate the list, right click in the table and select “Refresh”.  The table shows the name, acronym and description of the Process Apps found.



If we next select a Process App from the list, we have additional details available to us in the bottom half of the page.

The Snapshots tab shows the list of snapshots associated with the selected Process App.  These include:

  • Name – The name of the Snapshot
  • Acronym – The internal acronym of this Snapshot known inside IBM BPM
  • Active – Whether or not the Snapshot is considered active
  • Created On – The date/time that the Snapshot was created
  • Is Tip? – Whether or not the Snapshot is considered the tip
  • Branch Name – The name of the Branch of this Snapshot

The Business Objects tab shows the Business Objects contained within this Process App.  If we next select a Business Object, the details of that Business Object are shown.


From within the Business Objects table, a right-click will produce a menu option called “Generate JavaScript” which when activated, will produce a fragment of JavaScript that can be used to initialize the corresponding Business Object:


The content of this dialog can be copied and pasted into Process Designer.

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