Attaching a nRF24 to a breadboard


The nRF24 is a great little communications device however it is far from breadboard friendly.  It has pins which are spaced 0.1″ apart in the horizontal … but also in the vertical … as such, you can’t simply plug it into a breadboard or into strip board for construction.



One solution to this problem is to buy female headers which have exceptionally long legs which are designed for stack-ability.  Items like this can be bought from eBay (example supplier) for about $4 for 10 (40 cents each).



These can then be cut to be the correct length which, for our purposes is 4 pins wide and then the pins can be bent twice to produce new right angles.



The nRF24 (or other device with similar pins) can then be plugged into the header and the pins from the header will now fit perfectly into your breadboard or strip board.



Here we see a nRF24 happily placed on a board.



An additional suggestions is to place a drip of cyanoacrylate between the touching headers to bond them forever but that is not a requirement for success.

Of course, this technique should work for any module/device which has a similar pin-out such as the ESP8266-1.

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