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Eclipse …

Eclipse is a powerful open source IDE for building Java, Web and other types of application.  It hinges on the notion of “plugins” that allow it to be extended.

There are thousands of plugins available but in a virgin install of Eclipse, the following are the ones that I personally find necessary:

  • Path Tools – Working with the paths and files of the underlying file system.
  • Log Viewer – Tail tool within Eclipse
  • Eclipse Web Developer Tools – HTML and JavaScript editors.
  • JavaScript Development Tools – JavaScript tools.
  • MyLyn Wiki Text – Markdown editor.

In a virgin environment, the following are my preferences for settings:

  • General > Web Browser → Use external web browser – Define which web browser to use
  • General > Workspace → Workspace name – The name of the workspace as shown in the task bar.
  • General > Appearance > Colors and Fonts > JavaScript > JavaScript Editor Text Font → Font Size: 11

When working with angular and custom HTML tags:

  • Web > HTML Files > Validation -> Elements → Unknown tag name = Ignore
  • Web > HTML Files > Validation -> Attributes  → Undefined attribute name = Ignore