Wiring up ESP8266s

I have been reading about using the ESP8266s and wanted to have a play but first I needed some circuits to build.  I have two types of ESP8266 available to me:

  • ESP8266-01 – 8 pin device
  • ESP8266-12 – Breakout board


First, the circuit for the ESP8266-01.  This is the schematic I followed.  It has two buttons.  One for reset and the other to ground GPIO0.  To enter flash mode, press and hold the GPIO0 button and then press and release the reset button while still holding the GPIO0 button.


Here is what it looks like diagrammatically on a breadboard.


and finally, what it looked like in actuality.  Don’t use this photograph to assemble your circuit.



Similarly to the ESP8266-1, the ESP8266-12 has an identical circuit but isn’t breadboard mounted.

Here is the physical pin diagram for the device:



and now the schematic for the circuit:


Because it isn’t breadboard friendly, I don’t have a diagram of the breadboard layout, but here is a photograph of an assembly:


Hopefully these may assist you if you are having problems.  For follow up and Q&A, I suggest the ESP8266 Community Forum.